Terms of use for KinkDr

Our Service

KinkDr and its services that are provided to customers work on “AS IS.” This means that you agree that KinkDr’s owners, who exclusively reserve the right and at any point in time, can alter or discontinue this site as well as its services, or delete any of your information, temporarily or permanently, without any liability or notice to users.

Moreover, the proprietors of KinkDr don’t have any responsibility or accountability for the failure to store, timeliness, deletion, inaccurate, or inappropriate delivery of any data or information

Acceptance of Terms of Use and Amendments

Every time you open this dating app or its website, that is KinkDr, you agree to its Terms of Use, which are amended from time to time, without any notice to customers. When you make use of a particular service on or through this site, then the rules or guidelines pertaining to that service(s) applies to you. These rules are incorporated in these Terms of Use via reference. Please view our Privacy Policy for additional information.

Privacy Policy

Any personal and private information or data provided by you on KinkDr is subject to the terms and conditions of the Privacy Policy of KinkDr.

Your Registration Responsibilities and Duties

You must concur to provide truthful information about yourself on KinkDr. This covers all of the information that you enter on KinkDr, including your comments, name, email address, phone number, etc. Moreover, you must explicitly acquiesce to the site’s Terms of Use, which can be altered occasionally and are provided here.

Your conduct

Any information or data that you enter about yourself on KinkDr, is solely your responsibility. This incorporates text, software, code, sound, music, graphics, video, photographs, or any type of content that you provide publicly or privately on this website.

You must agree that KinkDr can expose you to objectionable or offensive content. In any case, the website is not liable for any of the content that is published on the website or any other type of error or omission.

You must concur that when you access KinkDr or any of the services offered on this site, you shall not impersonate or misrepresent your connection with any individual or entity or counterfeit, misrepresent, or conceal any content that you provide on KinkDr.

For further queries regarding the Terms of use of KinkDr, you can contact us via our Contact Us page.